Should You Be Drinking Coffee Before Workout?

Updated: Jun 14

It is not surprising that coffee is such a popular beverage. Millions of people worldwide drink it, making it the second most traded product in the world. Many people start their day with coffee before a workout, should you be drinking coffee before a workout?

But what about the health benefits of this wonder drink. Does the black gold we all love so many hides physical activity, fitness, and healthy lifestyle management benefits?


All the coffee lovers in the world know what an important role their cup of coffee has in the morning. How they could not wake up without it, and how coffee gives them small and significant urges throughout the day.

This stimulating sensation that relieves morning drowsiness comes from Caffeine. This ingredient stimulates the nervous system. Caffeine is a stimulant “enabler” that blocks adenosine receptors in the brain. Besides all this, also causes the release of adrenaline in the blood.

Coffee makes the body feel more alert and enters a state of action more quickly.

This arousal also has a very positive effect on physical activity.

The body prepares for activity by raising the heart rate. It stretches the muscles for action. And releasing glucose into the blood to give the light boost the muscles need to work.

Coffee helps your body to prepare for activity and turns it into a kind of spring waiting to be released. While also taking care to relieve feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

Improving Performance

So you drank an espresso before your workout, and now your body is ready for action, and you are alert. Now what about the exercise itself you are probably asking.

Numerous studies in recent years show that Caffeine has a tremendous physiological contribution to athletic endurance. This studies have showed that in continuous physical activity, Caffeine contributes to improved performance.

This contribution is due to the endurance force of the muscles themselves. Which is affected by Caffeine. And causes the muscles to exert themselves for a longer time or with more strenuous activity.

This effect of Caffeine on muscle endurance is very well known to professional athletes. It is so significant that the World Olympic Committee has limited the amount of Caffeine allowed in the blood to athletes in official competitions.

So if you are an Olympic athlete, you should not have more than 12 mg of Caffeine in your blood. On the other hand, if you are not, there is no reason you should not enjoy this unique benefit that coffee gives the body.

Fat Burning

In the pursuit of the coveted flat stomach and to burn off the unnecessary fat. The right and most appropriate solution is a combination of a balanced diet with physical activity.

We already understand how coffee contributes to exercise and fitness. What if I were to tell you that coffee has actually been shown to help burn excess body fat?

A cup of coffee that contains a relatively large amount of Caffeine increases the burning of fatty acids from adipose tissue. Which is released into the bloodstream and eventually leaves the body. This process optimally takes place when combined with physical activity in which the muscles are also involved in the fat burning process. Thus creating a vortex of fat burning in the body, which of course, contributes to a healthier life.

Drinking a few cups of coffee throughout the day, combined with a balanced diet and a touch of athletic activity, can significantly contribute to a healthy life for the body and soul. We all want to be happier and healthier, so enough with the excuses and start enjoying life.