Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinder: Which one is better?

Updated: Jun 14

The choice between a manual vs electric coffee grinder will be the first consideration. If you love coffee and want to make great coffee at home.

Pre-ground coffee that you can buy at the grocery store, will never be as fresh as when you grind your own beans. Brewing coffee with freshly ground coffee beans is the best, no matter what brewing method you use.

However, with the actual taste of a coffee, there are a few things that play an essential role. Choosing a perfect grinder is one of those crucial things. If you can’t decide between a manual or electric coffee grinder at first, know that both of them have pluses and minuses.

Manual coffee grinder

Manual burr coffee grinder

Manual Coffee Grinders

Manual coffee grinders are great because they can produce uniform-sized grounds for all grind sizes. They are usually tiny and can hold it with one hand and crank with another. Manual coffee grinders are also pretty good if you travel often. They are small and convenient.

Also, manual grinders are usually more durable. Even when you look at one, you notice they seem to be stronger than the electric ones. It is mainly because their mechanism is very simple. They connect everything with a rod between burs and a handle. They don’t have any lights, sophisticated technology, or microchips, as electric grinders do.

Operating A Blade Grinder

However, manual grinding is more complicated than pressing the button on the electric grinder. It might not be difficult if you are making coffee for yourself. But, if you are making coffee for a group, it can be a little tiring. However, over time, your stamina should increase and you will use less effort to grind coffee for the entire group.

Another good thing about manual coffee grinders is that they are usually pretty cheap. For as little as $30, you can have a very reliable coffee grinder. Just be sure that it will serve its purpose for years and years. They rarely require any special maintenance. You don’t have to worry, that they will break if they fall on the ground. However, they usually offer limited grind size settings.

Electric coffee grinder

Electric Coffee Grinders

There are many variations of electric coffee grinders. One thing is sure — they are more expensive. If you decide to buy a cheap one. You will achieve much better results with a manual grinder, which is even more affordable than the most affordable electric grinder.

Cheap electric grinders are those that usually cost less than $100. Although you can’t see much difference on the outside, they typically come with low-quality burrs. Instead of making a fine, uniform-sized powder, they will act as dull blades and provide you with uneven grounds. It will have a significant impact on the taste of coffee you make.

However, if you buy a high-quality electric coffee grinder, you will see significant results. They have sturdy gears that move the burrs, which create fine, uniform-sized coffee with a press of a button. Some grinders have an option to dose ground coffee automatically according to weight, which can be a pretty useful feature. They are also perfect if you need to grind coffee for a group of people. They are especially helpful for people who drink coffee multiple times per day.

Electric Grinders Have Many grind Options

Some electric grinders come with over 40 grind options. Ranging from French coffee to espresso, which allows for a unique coffee taste, according to what you want.

Electric coffee grinders also have a few downsides. At first, they cost much more, so you will probably have to pay at least $150 for a quality grinder. Also, even the most expensive electric coffee grinders are usually very noisy, so definitely bear that in mind. If you live in an apartment or have roommates. Grinding coffee with an electric grinder might not be the best thing to do in the morning.

Also, an electric grinder might not suit your needs if you are a frequent traveler. It’s both big and requires electricity. Another essential thing to consider is that only high-end grinders can achieve espresso ground size.

Final Thoughts

With the manual vs. electric coffee grinder debate. remember all the pros and cons that both manual and electric grinders have. You should make a choice that reflects what your needs are.

If you are a frequent traveler and need to only make coffee for yourself. And also want a device that will serve for an extended period. Then a manual grinder is the best choice for you.

However, if you have more money to invest. If or need to make regular coffee for groups of people, aim for a high-quality electric grinder. Also, keep in mind that an expensive grinder will definitely pay off, while you should avoid low-quality ones.