JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Review

Updated: Jun 14


  1. Made using durable materials

  2. Easy to use

  3. Fully adjustable grind selector

  4. Does not make any mess

  5. Noise-free operation

  6. Excellent taste


  1. Not the easiest to clean

  2. People with larger hands will often find the crank rubbing against their knuckles

Do you want your morning cup of coffee to be the best cup you will ever have? Then you need to get yourself a quality coffee grinder. Having a good manual coffee grinder is essential if you are always on the go.

Other than being portable, a manual coffee grinder is fairly easy to use and will leave you with a perfect and consistent grind. Thankfully, there is no shortage of options on the market, but only a handful is worth spending money on.

One such option is the manual coffee grinder from JavaPresse. In this JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder review, we will share with you the essentials you need to know when using this machine.


JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Review

JavaPresse is a company founded by Raj Jana. It was launched in September 2015 and is known as a one-stop shop for all coffee lovers. The company’s website is also an excellent page to refer to if you are looking for coffee recipes, coffee-making tips, and so on.

This company is a trusted manufacturer and seller of coffee grinders and other brewing equipment. Aside from that, it also sells its own line of coffee blends, which are known for being strong and having unique flavors.

JavaPresse has come a long way from where it first began. It has now gained a ton of popularity and has been featured on major media sites such as The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Men’s Journal, and so on.

Who Is This Product For?

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is ideal for anyone who enjoys coffee regularly. The coffee grinder is easy to use and portable at the same time. This makes it perfect for people who are constantly on the go and need the same blend of coffee every single time.

This coffee grinder is also built very well. Anyone who wants one that will last them for a long time will truly appreciate this coffee grinder.

What’s Included?

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder comes in a nice-looking vertical box, which makes for a perfect gift for loved ones, too. Upon opening it, you will find the instruction manual, which includes guides on how to use it, how to clean it, and how to get the coffee grind you desire.

Other than that, you get the coffee grinder completely disassembled. You get one hand crank, one manual coffee grinder, and its cap.

Overview of the Features

One of the best things about the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is how portable it is. This coffee grinder is perfect for taking along with you when you travel or when you go camping.

More than that, what makes it so good is how durable the building is and how great the quality is. If you don’t mind a bit of an arm workout in the morning, this coffee grinder will ensure you get freshly ground beans anywhere.

Let’s discuss some of its features more in detail.

  1. Mess-Free Operation

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is completely self-contained when it is in use, which means that there are no grinds that can come out while you are grinding, ensuring that there’s no mess.

Furthermore, the grind container will also come off pretty easily once you are done. This means that you have an easy and mess-free operation. It is important to note that while the coffee grinder is easy to use, it does require quite a bit of effort since you have to grind it manually.

With that said, the whole process of loading the beans, offloading them, and selecting the grind is quite an easy task. It will take you over five minutes of constant grinding to get yourself adequate grinds for a cup of strong coffee.


  1. Quiet Operation

When it comes to the noise levels of this coffee grinder, we have to admit that we were quite pleased with it. Manual coffee grinders are known to have a quiet operation, but the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder takes this to another level.

You can comfortably use this coffee grinder in a crowded office or a house with your loved one sleeping in their room without disturbing them.

  1. Taste Test

Let’s declare right away that the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder will make you a pretty decent cup of joe. This is an ideal coffee grinder for people who are extremely particular about the taste of their coffee.

The grinder comes with an in-built adjustable grind selector that has more than 15 click settings. These ensure that you get absolute precision control over the coarseness of the beans. This makes it ideal whether you want it fine or coarse or anywhere in between.

  1. Quality

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder comes with patented ceramic combo burrs. These are tested through three professional grade inspections to ensure that they last five times longer than traditional stainless-steel blades.

How to Use the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

One of the best things about the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is that it is quite easy to use. Once you have removed it from its packaging, you must first clean the grinder and then use it with your favorite coffee beans.

If you need to see a visual demonstration of how to use this grinder, we recommend you check out the video below.


Since the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is not as easy to clean, we decided to look for an alternative. TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder is an excellent option.


While this coffee grinder does lack that 15 precise grind selector settings, it is still quite easy to use and, most importantly, easy to clean.

This coffee grinder has a very similar design to the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. In addition, the coffee grinder is made using highly durable materials as well, which means that it will last very long.


We hope that our JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder review has given you a better understanding of this machine. This is a must-have product for every coffee enthusiast who likes to have the perfect cup of coffee wherever they go.

This coffee grinder is very durable and quite compact in size, making it ideal if you want to use it while you travel or when you are camping. We can say with certainty that this is one product that you will cherish for a very long time.