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Best Home Coffee Roasters 2023 Reviews and Buyers Guide

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The best home coffee roaster can give you the ability to create the perfect flavor for your morning cup of coffee. These unique devices use the same process as popcorn makers, allowing you to slow-roast coffee beans. Let’s look at some of the market’s most impressive at-home coffee roasters.

Best Home Coffee Roasters of 2023

If you are in a hurry, here are a few diversified types of home coffee roasters so that at least one will fit your lifestyle.

1. Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Best Home Coffee Roasters 2022 | Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

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The Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster is crafted from high-end ceramic to perfectly roast your beans.

It’s one of the better options for first-time roasters looking for a manual roaster with a user-friendly design.

Product Highlights

A few key features make this coffee roaster one of the best.

  1. Premium Materials

Two premium materials are used to create this roaster: ceramic and cowhide.

The bowl where you place the beans is made from high-quality ceramic, ensuring all beans are heated evenly.

You’ll love the unique texture of the cowhide, along with the handle, which makes the device easier to handle.

  1. Eco-Friendly

You’ll be glad to know that this device is made with eco-friendly materials.

As you roast your beans, you won’t have to worry about hazardous and toxic items entering your coffee.

  1. Waffle-Shaped Structure

A unique waffle-shaped structure ensures the beans roast evenly on the inside of the roaster.

As you hold it over the heat, you’ll hear a slight popping sound, alerting you to when the coffee is ready.

What to Like About It

This is one of the better models to consider if you’re looking for a straightforward coffee roaster.

It has a user-friendly design without aluminum or plastic, which is ideal for the best-tasting coffee.

Also, since you can work in small batches, it helps reduce waste for one user.

What Not to Like About It

We wouldn’t recommend the Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster if you need to make multiple pots of coffee.

Also, it doesn’t come with cleaning instructions, which can be challenging for first-time users.


  1. He doesn’t smoke a lot
  2. User-friendly design
  3. No plastic or aluminum
  4. Reduces waste


  1. Best for small batches
  2. Lacks cleaning instructions


2. JIAWA SHUN Electric Coffee Roaster Machine

Best Home Coffee Roasters 2022 Reviews | JIAWA SHUN Electric Coffee Roaster Machine | Brewing java | Take control of your home brewing


If you’re not a fan of manually roasting coffee beans, the JIAWANSHUN Electric Coffee Roaster Machine is a great alternative.

Instead of holding the roaster over the stove, this automatic machine achieves the ideal roast independently.

It’s also perfectly sized for more than one batch of coffee, making it fantastic for families.

Product Highlights

Several key features of the JIAWANSHUN Electric Coffee Roaster Machine make it a great choice.

  1. Family Capacity

One of our favorite features of this coffee roaster machine is that it is perfectly sized for families.

You’ll be able to bake up to 1.1 pounds of coffee at a time, with the optimal amount being 300 to 500 grams.

  1. Adjustable Temperature

Adjusting the heat of your roaster is essential to achieving the perfect dark beans.

This unit can adjust the temperature between 33 and 464 degrees Fahrenheit for various beans.

  1. Transparent Cover

Keeping an eye on your roasting coffee beans is a great way to know when to stop roasting.

You’ll have access to a convenient, transparent lid with four vent holes for heat release.

The holes also help you hear the sound of the beans popping to know when they’re ready.

  1. Versatile Design

Roasting coffee isn’t the only thing you can do with the JIAWANSHUN Electric Coffee Roaster Machine.

Its versatile design allows you to roast nuts like almonds or peanuts.

You can also use it to make popcorn, meeting all of your family’s needs.

  1. Easily Cleaned

When it comes time to clean your coffee bean roaster, it only takes a couple of steps.

Once the unit has cooled, you can use a soft cloth and water to eliminate coffee remnants.

What to Like About It

Using your new coffee roaster works relatively quickly with small batches.

It also significantly improves the flavor of your coffee, as it helps maintain the natural oils.

Cleaning the machine is also simple, as it features a non-stick surface that you can wipe easily.

What Not to Like About It

The most considerable disadvantage of the coffee roaster is that it’s not ideal for dark roasts.

It appears the temperature doesn’t get hot enough to get a deeper roast.

Also, the instructions are poorly written, which can be challenging for beginners.


  1. Maintains coffee oils
  2. Easily cleaned non-stick surface
  3. Roasts quickly
  4. Easily enriches flavor


  1. Poorly written instructions
  2. Not ideal for dark roasts


3. ANGELLOONG Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

Best Home Coffee Roasters 2022 Reviews | ANGELLOONG Coffee Bean Roaster Machine | Brewing java | Take control of your home brewing


Coffee bean roaster machines allow you to save more time when roasting your beans to perfection.

The ANGELLOONG Coffee Bean Roaster Machine efficiently roasts beans to your desired depth.

Product Highlights

Let’s explore some of the most impressive features of this coffee roaster for at-home use.

  1. Timer Function

The most convenient feature of this device is that it has an upgraded timer function.

You can set the timer between 0 and 60 minutes, depending on the roast you want to achieve.

  1. Professional Thermostat

You’ll find a professionally designed thermostat to adjust the temperature in the roaster.

With the thermostat, you can guarantee even heating with temperatures between 212 and 464 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s more than strong enough to bake an assortment of ingredients besides coffee.

  1. Highly Efficient

Another impressive feature of the device is that it’s highly efficient by consuming less energy.

The roaster requires 110V and, with its improved agitator, roasts up to 1.65 pounds of coffee in 25 minutes.

If you’re looking for a high-volume roaster, this is one of the more convenient models.

  1. Honeycomb Chassis

Like the manual coffee roaster we reviewed above, the ANGELLOONG Coffee Bean Roaster Machine has a honeycomb interior.

This design ensures the beans are heated evenly for the most high-quality roast possible.

Also, the interior is coated with food-grade Teflon, making it anti-stick.

  1. Transparent Lid

A key element to any coffee roasting machine is a transparent lid, allowing you to keep track of its progress.

You’ll also find the lid has four ventilation holes, ensuring heat can escape easily.

On the top, there’s an anti-scalding handle, perfectly thick to avoid burning your hands.

What to Like About It

The ANGELLOONG Coffee Bean Roaster Machine is a great entry-level roaster with up to two cups of beans.

It provides accurate temperature control, making it ideal for adding complexity to your favorite beans.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, the temperature gauge on this device is only in Celcius, so you have to convert the temperatures.

Also, the internal stirring mechanism is made from plastic, which could affect the beans’ flavor.


  1. Amazing entry-level roaster
  2. Adds complexity to your roast
  3. Ideal for up to two cups
  4. Accurate temperature control


  1. Temperature is only in Celcius
  2. Plastic stirring mechanism


4. KALDI Home Coffee Roaster

Best Home Coffee Roasters 2022 Reviews | KALDI Home Coffee Roaster  | Brewing java | Take control of your home brewing


The KALDI Home Coffee Roaster is a professional-style bean roaster for coffee enthusiasts.

It’s a well-built unit with top features, such as a thermometer, hopper, and probe rod.

Product Highlights

Let’s explore some of the most exciting components of the KALDI Home Coffee Roaster.

  1. Stainless Steel Drum

When you’ve put your beans through the hopper and into the drum, you’ll find they roast quickly and evenly.

The stainless steel drum is 2mm thick and features 3mm punching for optimal roasting.

Also, you’ll find it’s adequately sized to handle a significant number of beans for up to 250g.

  1. Built-In Thermometer

The built-in thermometer in this unit ensures you perfectly roast your beans every time.

It allows you to adjust the heat to 250 degrees Celsius, optimal for a darker roast.

  1. Convenient Hopper

Instead of putting all of your beans in the drum right away, this unit features a convenient hopper.

Add as many beans as possible throughout the roasting cycle to handle larger batches.

  1. Included Probe Rod

When roasting your coffee, it’s essential to know when it’s ready to be removed.

With the probe rod’s help, you can continually disturb the beans to ensure they don’t burn.

This tool also helps ensure you have an even roast throughout the batch.

What to Like About It

This unit’s overall quality is the most considerable benefit, mainly since it uses thick gauge stainless steel.

It boasts highly reliable agitation and an internal temperature probe, ensuring your beans don’t burn.

This is one of the best units to consider if you need a coffee roaster for large batches.

What Not to Like About It

The KALDI Home Coffee Roaster’s most significant downfall is that it requires a separate gas heat source.

Also, the drum is a little more challenging to clean than initially anticipated.


  1. Thick gauge stainless steel
  2. Impressive agitation
  3. Convenient temperature probe
  4. Handles larger capacities


  1. Hard to clean drum
  2. Requires separate heat source


5. DYVEE Coffee Bean Electric Roasting Machine

Best Home Coffee Roasters 2022 Reviews | DYVEE Coffee Bean Electric Roasting Machine   | Brewing java | Take control of your home brewing


The DYVEE Coffee Bean Electric Roasting Machine is a phenomenal tool for having roasted beans quickly.

Instead of waiting for the beans to cool, this innovative device makes them ready to use in less time.

Product Highlights

A few key features to consider with the DYVEE Coffee Bean Electric Roasting Machine.

  1. Integrated Cooler

By far, the unique component of this roaster is that it comes with a built-in cooler.

Once the roasting process has finished, the device immediately cools down the beans to prevent over-roasting.

After roasting, you can expect your beans to be cooled in under two minutes with the help of a fan.

  1. Catches Chaff

As your coffee beans roast, their chaff can sit in the drum with other models, causing them to burn.

If they burn, it can negatively impact the flavor of your beans, ruining the batch.

The DYVEE Coffee Bean Electric Roasting Machine, it catches the skins in a separate chamber.

  1. Easily Cleaned

Fortunately, you can quickly take the device apart for cleaning.

You can wipe the drum down in a matter of seconds and quickly remove any caught skins from the lower compartment.

The majority of the internal surfaces are anti-stick, so they wipe clean quickly.

  1. Included Adapter

As an added benefit, this machine comes with an adapter to be plugged into different outlets worldwide.

What to Like About It

This coffee roaster is ideal for locking in the flavor of your beans with its cooling process.

It also has a relatively solid construction, ensuring it lasts many years with regular roasts.

Fortunately, it collects a lot of chaff, making it easier for your beans to be ready to use.

What Not to Like About It

The most significant issue with the machine is its fan since it’s louder than expected.

Also, it blows chaff out of the unit with the fan’s power, which creates a mess.


  1. Locks in flavor
  2. Cools very quickly
  3. Solid construction
  4. Collects ample chaff


  1. Noisy fan
  2. Blows chaff out


Home Coffee Roaster Buyer’s Guide

When buying a coffee roaster, it’s important to find a unit with impressive features.

Otherwise, the quality and flavor of your beans will be lackluster.

We’ve compiled a list of the most important things to look for when shopping.

Different Types of Coffee Roasters

When looking for a coffee bean roaster, you first consider the type of roaster you want.

There are two primary options: air roasters and drum roasters.

Air Roasters

Air roasters they’re designed similarly to popcorn makers.

These devices will use convection heat to push hot air through the roasting chamber.

This process of direct heat helps ensure each bean is roasted evenly.

Drum Roasters

On the other hand, drum roasters use indirect heat to prepare the beans.

Heating coils will contact the metal drum where the beans are located, warming them slowly.

As the beans roast, the drum rotates to ensure even roasting.


It is essential to consider capacity since it can determine how many beans you can roast.

A small-batch roaster can be convenient if you’re the only person who drinks coffee in your home.

However, you’ll need something larger if you’re preparing multiple batches.

Ideally, you’ll want a device that handles between 0.70 pounds and a pound of coffee beans simultaneously.

You can add more beans to the device for larger batches once the first batch is complete.

Temperature Control

Control over your coffee roaster can ensure they reach the perfect roast level.

If you prefer light roast, for example, you’ll want to be able to adjust the device to lower temperatures.

Ideally, the roaster should have an easily accessible temperature control with minimal heat variations.


Another essential part of roasting beans is to ensure they’re adequately cooled before packaging.

Cooling the beans helps lock in their oils, flavor, and health benefits.

The best coffee roasters have built-in fans that help push cool air around the chamber to lower the temperature.


After you’ve finished roasting, cleaning, and maintaining, your coffee roaster preserves its integrity.

It can be a great idea to find units with non-stick interiors since they’re the easiest to wipe clean.

You’ll also want to find a unit, like a coffee grinders, that you can disassemble for quick cleaning.

Best Home Coffee Roaster FAQs

1. Is Home Coffee Roasting Worth It?

Home coffee roasting is worth the investment since you can create custom cups of coffee.

If you prefer a specific type of roast, these machines will achieve your preferences effortlessly.

It’s also a great way to elevate your coffee obsession at an agreeable price.

2. How Much Does a Coffee Roasting Machine Cost?

Coffee roasting machines can vary in price from $20 to over $100, depending on their features.

Automatic roasters are often more expensive since they include more technology for ease of use.

As a beginner, opting for an automatic roaster is best as it handles the job for you.

3. How Soon After Roasting Can I Drink Coffee?

On average, you should expect to use your coffee beans four to seven days after roasting.

It would be best if you gave it adequate time to degas for the most impressive flavors.

4. Can You Roast Coffee in an Air fryer or Popcorn Maker?

Roasting coffee in a popcorn maker is possible since many units are designed similarly.

You’ll find coffee roasters can also be used to create popcorn and roasted nuts.

5. Is Roasting Coffee Toxic?

Roasting coffee is a non-toxic way to achieve the ideal depth of coffee in every cup.

That said, it’s crucial to find devices that don’t contain plastic or aluminum.

The higher quality of the materials, the healthier your roasted beans will be.

What Is the Best Home Coffee Roaster?

The DYVEE Coffee Bean Electric Roasting Machine is the best home coffee roaster with its intuitive design.

You can evenly heat all the beans in the chamber while collecting the chaff.

Also, it has the added benefit of an internal fan specifically for cooling to prevent over-roasting.

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