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Best French Press Coffee Makers For 2023

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French press coffee makers are a convenient way to get a delicious cup of coffee. The trick is choosing the right one. You don’t have to settle for glass anymore. This article will discuss what we think are the best French press coffee makers. We’ll also discuss choosing the right size and glass thickness and offer a few tips. Let’s get started.

If you didn’t know, French press coffee makers are also cafetieres. In the U.S., they are known as coffee presses, and they were initially created in France. The design and function have remained the same, but they are not just for coffee anymore, as you’ll see.

What Makes French Press Coffee Different?

French press coffee tastes different. Many people think it tastes better than automatic drip coffee. Anyone who loves coffee has probably tried a cup of French press coffee. Many people love using French press coffee makers because they produce a less bitter, smoother, and fuller flavor than their automatic drip coffee cousins. This is because the oils from the beans are retained in a French press. Filters used in automatic drip coffee makers remove the oil from the coffee grounds during the drip process.

The coffee grounds you use also make a difference. If you grind your beans, they should be a coarse blend. The amount you use will depend on how strongly you like your coffee.

Size is Everything

When buying one of the best French press coffee makers, please pay attention to how many ounces of coffee it can hold. Buy one that is based on ounces and not cups. Some measurements are by cup, which can be misleading. If you see measurements by cup, it’s probably a 4-ounce cup. Most people drink coffee in a mug of around 8 ounces, the standard U.S. cup.

Glass Thickness

There’s been a lot of discussion about the thickness of the glass. If it’s too thin, it can break. If it’s too thick, it can break too. The carafe is made of glass, so you must be more careful with it. Glass is naturally fragile.

One of our recommendations here has a carafe made of Borosilicate glass. This glass is more stable due to the addition of boric oxide to the glass mixture. This does not make the glass completely unbreakable, but the glass is more robust and durable.

Another French press coffee maker we recommend is made of BPA-free materials.

Some French presses are stainless steel and even double-insulated. These hold heat better, so your coffee stays hot longer. We have one of those here for you too.

Now let’s look at our top 3 best French press coffee makers. These are also Amazon Choice products. That means they are trendy and inexpensive.

Best French Press Coffee Makers of 2023 Reviews and Guide

BAYKA French Press Coffee Maker

Best French Press Coffee Makers For 2022 | Bayka French Press Coffee Maker | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing

The BAYKA French press coffee maker is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a thickened glass bottom. This keeps the water hotter during the brewing process. It has a double-stainless steel filter to prevent coffee grounds from leaking into your coffee. The handle helps to secure the beaker from falling out while pouring.


  1. It can be used for coffee, tea, milk, and juice
  2. It comes in two sizes: 21 oz and 34 oz. Unit Shawn Here is 34 Ounce
  3. The filter fits snugly, so there’s no coffee ground leakage


  1. It comes in three colors: black, pewter, and copper
  2. Easy to clean and comes with extra cleaning tools


  1. Made of Glass makes it easier to break
  2. The beaker cannot be removed from the stand
  3. Not dishwasher friendly; needs to be hand washed

It comes with the French press coffee maker, cleaning brush, two, extra filter screens, and an instruction manual.

Next, we have the Bodum Chambord French Press and Coffee Maker.


Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

Best French Press Coffee Makers For 2022 | Bodum-chambord-french-press-coffee-maker | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing

The Bodum Chambord French Press coffee maker is made in Portugal. It comes in five colors and four sizes, so you can get both the color and size you want. It includes a 3-piece stainless steel mesh filter that ensures optimal filtration, so there are no coffee grounds in your coffee.


  1. This coffee maker can make both coffee and tea.
  2. The carafe, filter, and plunger are dishwasher safe.
  3. Available in four colors: black, chrome, cork, copper, matte chrome, and white
  4. Four sizes: 12, 17, 34, and 51 oz. Unit Shawn Here is 34 Ounce


  1. The plunger fits snugly in the carafe to prevent coffee grounds from getting into your coffee
  2. The carafe is made of Borosilicate glass for extra durability
  3. The plastic filter under the lid is BPA-free


Over time, the handle can loosen and pop out

Thin glass can crack and break over time; even Borosilicate Glass

There are no measurements on the carafe. Before pouring it into the carafe, you must measure hot water to ensure the correct coffee grounds-to-water ratio.

The glass carafe is not connected to the metal body. So if you turn it upside down to dump the coffee grounds, the glass carafe will fall out.

It is recommended to clean the lid and the frame by hand with a non-abrasive sponge.

And finally, we have the Secura French Press Coffee Maker.


Secura French Press Coffee Maker

Best French Press Coffee Makers For 2022 | Secura French Press Coffee Maker | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing

The Secura French press coffee maker is made from 18/10 top-quality stainless steel. It has a 3-layer stainless steel filter to block coffee grounds from getting into your coffee cup. It comes in four sizes and five colors, with two extra screens. It’s easy to assemble/disassemble and clean.


This french press has double-wall insulation to keep your coffee hotter for longer.

It comes in many colors: natural stainless steel, blue, coffee, gray, and red.

Choose four different sizes from 12 oz, 17 oz, 34 oz, and 50 oz. Unit Shawn Here is 34 Ounce.


Rinses easily with no coffee stains left behind

All parts are dishwasher safe

Stay-cool handle


It May produce a slightly metallic coffee taste

After extended use, the paint may begin to chip off

Replacement parts are expensive

While dishwasher safe, all painted coffee makers should be washed by hand and dried thoroughly to prevent rust. Also, harsh dishwasher detergents may cause the paint to chip off.


French Press Coffee Maker Maintenance Tips

  1. Many coffee makers state that some or all parts are dishwasher-safe. However, we do not recommend this. The harsh chemicals of the dishwashing detergent and the boiling water can damage the parts. Wash them in soapy water, but do not use a stiff wire brush.
  2. Do not use a French press coffee maker on the stove. They are not designed for this type of use.
  3. Preheat the carafe before you make your coffee. Your coffee will then stay hot longer. To do this, pour hot (not boiling) water into the carafe. Let it stand for a minute or two. Pour out the water. Then add coffee grounds and hot water as usual.

Final Considerations

All of these French press coffee makers have at least one double filter, so you get the smoothness of the coffee without sediment.

Whether you choose a glass or stainless steel coffee maker, you’ll enjoy the full coffee flavor that only French presses can provide. They are a welcome addition to any table, whether in an R.V. or a kitchen.

Which one would you choose? Have you ever tried coffee in a French Press coffee maker? Please share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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