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Best Colombian Coffee of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Smooth, mellow, and sweet are some of the superlatives people use to describe Colombian coffee.

Rich overtones of chocolate and nuts or a milder fruity flavor will appear depending on where the coffee is growing.

The origins of this unique coffee are a unique variety of coffee arabica plants that grow in Colombia. By virtue of their recognition, the manufacturing and cultivation of these high-quality coffee beans on small farms add quality.

It is, as one might think, one of the most popular coffee kinds.

We chose five Colombian coffee brands to review, as well as a buyers guide to help you choose.

Best Colombian Coffee Review

1. Folgers 100% Colombian

Best Colombian Coffee of 2022 | Folgers 100% Colombian | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing

One of the most enduring and beloved brands in the history of the United States Folgers Coffee wins widespread recognition.

Since its inception in 1850, Folgers continues to produce high-quality coffee products, and as a result, American and global consumers keep choosing Folgers as their favorite.

Today, this coffee company is well-known for a wide range of goods, including the medium-roasted Folgers 100% Colombian.

Product Highlights

With its extensive experience in manufacturing coffee products, Folgers has ensured that it is 100% Colombian Coffee has remarkable qualities.

  • Medium-Roasted

The roast level significantly impacts the taste, and Colombian coffee is no exception.

It’s common for coffee enthusiasts to prefer medium-roasted coffee because it features a perfect blend of flavors.

In addition to offering a nice balance, medium roasting can bring out complex flavors of the oils and chemicals inside the bean.

  • K-Cup Pods

Keurig Green Mountain patented “K-Cup” to classify its single-serve coffee capsule.

It consists of a capsule or cartridge, usually a plastic cup, that seals coffee granules.

This cartridge features a plastic ring covered with a top made from foil.

The interior has a filtering component, which keeps the coffee confined during brewing.

The Colombian 100% offers genuine K-Cup Pods made to work with essentially every Keurig brewer.

  • Roasted in Louisiana

US consumers would rather buy coffee that is roasted locally. Folgers facilitates this by roasting 100% Colombian coffee in New Orleans, Louisiana. Assuring quality control requires the utmost diligence and efficiency.

The Good

Folgers markets its products as “The Best Part of Waking Up.”

Folgers has been around since the late 1800s, and its methods are smart and thorough. This weighs in favor of the company, especially when it comes to Colombian coffee. The beans are carefully put through a process of drying twice, which delivers a richer, more even flavor.

The Bad

There are claims that K-Cups are free of BPA, a dangerous compound that used to be present in the majority of plastics.

However, many believe that the material found in K-Cups can still be dangerous when heated.


  • Amazing aroma
  • Great price
  • No unpleasant aftertaste
  • Smooth taste
  • Easy ingestion


  • The flavor could be stronger
  • It might not be easy to purchase locally

2. New England Coffee Colombian Supremo

Best Colombian Coffee of 2022 | New England Coffee colombian Supremo | Brewing Jav | Take control of your home brewing

The Kaloyanides and Dostou families established the New England Coffee Company in 1916.

Over the decades, the brand established a reputation for high-quality coffee merchandise.

The Colombian Supremo is one of many New England Coffee products that offer an exceptional coffee experience.

Product Highlights

With an excellent reputation in the coffee industry, here are the things you’ll expect from the brand’s Colombian Supremo:

  • Large Beans

Elements, including plant species, altitude, and other factors such as soil quality and temperature, determine a bean’s size.

Assuming that bigger beans are of higher quality since they have spent more time maturing.

New England Coffee chose high-quality, extra big Colombian Arabica beans to assure a robust taste and rich aroma for the Colombian Supremo.

  • Kosher-Certified

The New England Coffee Colombian Supremo features a certified Kosher label and gluten-free coffee beans.

As you may know, Jews aren’t the only ones who patronize kosher items.

Many people prefer Kosher goods because the ingredients are organic and high-quality.

  • Balanced Flavor

New England Coffee sourced its beans from some of the best coffee-growing regions to ensure top-notch quality.

The flavor is balanced due to where the beans were sourced and how they were processed.

The small-batch roasting allows the Colombian Supremo to deliver a taste that most coffee drinkers will appreciate.

The Good

Arabica accounts for over 70% of global coffee output, and it often means better-tasting coffee.

Robusta coffee, widely considered lower in quality than arabica coffee, is often included in many Colombian coffees.

New England Coffee Colombian Supremo contains 100% Arabica coffee to provide the best possible flavor.

The Bad

This item is labeled following US regulations and may vary from similar items sold internationally regarding ingredients, labels, and other factors.

As such, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the same quality if purchased outside of the United States.


  • Aromatic
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Not bitter or acidic


  • The price is a bit higher than the others

3. Nescafe Taster’s Choice 100% Colombian Instant Coffee

Best Colombian Coffee of 2022 | Tasters Choice 100% colombian | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing

Nestle is a global Swiss food and beverage corporation based in Vevey, Switzerland.

Nescafe, a combination of the terms “Nestle” and “cafe,” is one of the company’s most recognizable brands.

One of its products, Taster’s Choice 100% Colombian Instant Coffee, promises quality in every cup.

Product Highlights

Let’s check the qualities of this instant coffee from Nescafe to determine if it’s worth considering the best Colombian coffee compared to the other four.

  • Quality of Coffee Beans

Nestle’s Colombian Instant Coffee contains 100% coffee beans, which go through perfect roasting.

Expect each blend’s rich flavor and aroma with its high roasting quality.

  • Bright, Fruity Flavor

Brightness is a term used to describe a “bright” tang of taste that nullifies the coffee’s bitterness.

A fruity flavor in coffee means natural sugars are blended with the coffee’s acidity, which delivers a slightly sweet taste.

The Nescafe Taster’s Choice 100% Colombian Instant Coffee promises these qualities thanks to its Arabica beans composition.

  • Kosher Food

Like other high-quality food products, this coffee from Nescafe is labeled Kosher.

Even if you’re not practicing Judaism, the health benefits benefit everyone.

The Good

Preparing a delightful cup of Taster’s Choice 100% Colombian Instant Coffee is simple.

The instructions include scooping one or two heaping teaspoons of coffee grounds, adding eight ounces of boiling water, and stirring.

You don’t need a sophisticated espresso machine to enjoy its pleasant flavor and aroma.

The Bad

If you purchased the canister pack, the packaging probably needs improvement as there’s a tendency for the plastic cover to distort.

When this happens, the contents will not get properly sealed.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Smooth flavor
  • Coffee dissolves easily
  • Recyclable container


  • The flavor may not be too strong
  • It might not be as stimulating due to less caffeine content

4. Starbucks Colombia

Best Colombian Coffee of 2022 | Starbucks single origin Colombia | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing

Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee house chain.

The company has over 31,000 shops all over the globe, making it one of the most well-known brands.

Colombia, a medium-bodied coffee, is one of its grounded, packed products.

Product Highlights

While Starbucks is mainly known for its shops, Colombia, a ready-brew variety, can be anyone’s favorite cup.

  • Single-Origin

A single-origin coffee originates from a single grower, crop, or location.

Since the coffee beans all come from one specific location, they often have a distinct, invariable flavor.

Given these factors, we expect Starbucks Colombia to provide a consistent flavor.

  • Produced in Latin America

The beans of Colombia are noted for their steady taste and quality, with flavor characteristics of nuts, soft spice, and chocolate.

Its mix of flavors allows you to enjoy the familiar Starbucks aroma everywhere.

  • Arabica Beans

This coffee didn’t include beans other than Arabica to ensure the best quality possible.

A unique blend of time and temperature is required to unlock the peak flavor that everyone will enjoy.

The Good

Colombia, according to Starbucks, is prepared from beans cultivated on a few of the highest coffee fields in the Andes Mountains.

It suggests that the juicy mouthfeel and distinctive nutty aftertaste are primarily attributable to the origin of the Arabica beans.

The Bad

The popularity of the coffee brand has paved the way for some non-authorized resellers to produce counterfeits of Colombia and other Starbucks products.

If you’re ordering online, ensure that the reseller is an authorized distributor to confirm the authenticity and quality.


  • Strong flavor
  • Outstanding aroma
  • Great with espresso machines
  • Good packaging


  • Pricier than others
  • Availability in physical stores is not guaranteed

5. Chef’s Quality 100% Colombian Coffee

Best Colombian Coffee of 2022 | 100% Colombian coffee | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing

Chef’s quality is a prolific manufacturer of various food products such as condiments, canned goods, and sweets.

It also offers coffee commodities, like Colombian, Roaster’s Reserve Blend, and other varieties.

Product Highlights

Let’s check out some of the notable qualities of the Chef’s Quality 100% Colombian Coffee.

  • Caffeinated

Caffeine can boost memory, reduce fatigue, and improve mental efficiency.

Since this Chef’s Quality product contains caffeine, you’re more likely to gain advantages that will improve your mornings.

  • 100% Colombian

As the name suggests, the product comprises entirely Colombian ground coffee.

You can expect consistency when it comes to flavor and aroma.

The Good

Considering its volume and price tag, it’s fair to see this entry as excellent value.

You’ll be able to make many cups without having to overspend.

The Bad

When compared to others, the packaging design of the Chef’s Quality 100% Colombian Coffee isn’t visually appealing.

It also lacks any distinction, which makes it challenging to get the attention or interest of potential buyers.


  • No acidic taste
  • Commendable flavor
  • Smooth


  • Regular grocery stores may not have it

Buyer’s Guide

If you want to get the preferable experience with Colombian coffee, consider the following factors:

Bean Composition

A Colombian coffee must have 100% Arabica beans, meaning it shouldn’t have any Robusta beans.

This coffee’s full-bodied flavor isn’t possible if a hint of Robusta is mixed.

Roast Level

Most, if not all, will suggest that the preferred kind of roasting for Colombian coffee beans is medium-roasted.

When the beans are processed with this roast level, it preserves the caramel and vanilla flavor while providing a well-balanced taste.


As previously said, Arabica is considered superb quality, but it is also more challenging to cultivate.

The Colombian mountain range’s natural conditions are ideal for this plant’s development and maturation.

This region has a warm tropical climate with plenty of sunshine and rain.

Furthermore, the high height of the highlands is lush in volcanic soils, allowing the Arabica to thrive even more.

If the Colombian coffee you’re considering does not specify its origin, you might wish to look into alternatives grown in the Colombian mountains.

FAQs About Colombian Coffee

1. Why is Colombian coffee famous?

Colombian coffee is recognized worldwide for its wholesome flavor and the distinctive aroma of each brew.

Almost everyone will find this coffee to be pleasant and refreshing.

2. Is Colombian coffee delicious?

Colombian coffee has become a part of the culture due to its distinct flavors and scent.

Many wouldn’t disagree that this coffee is the best globally, which indicates that its taste is for all walks of life.

3. Are there any health benefits when you consume Colombian coffee?

Colombian coffee helps strengthen intestinal health by combining antioxidants and vitamins that enhance metabolism and prevent illnesses.

Furthermore, coffee could make your heart muscles more resilient and maintain appropriate enzyme levels in the liver.

4. What is the caffeine content of Colombian coffee?

Colombian coffee contains about the same amount of caffeine as beans cultivated elsewhere.

The roast level will also not affect reducing or increasing the caffeine content.

5. How does Colombian coffee distinguishes itself from others?

A typical perception is that Colombian coffee has a more robust flavor than other coffees.

However, this is not true because Colombian coffee is often milder.

You can also expect that it is less bitter when compared to others.

Which Colombian Coffee Is the Best?

We picked the New England Coffee Colombian Supremo as the best Colombian coffee out of the five products.

While the other entries feature 100% Arabica coffee, how the beans were selected and processed made the difference.

The Colombian Supremo is produced with large beans and roasted in small batches, providing a remarkable flavor.

It may not be the most cost-efficient Colombian coffee, but there aren’t many reasons any other four surpass our pick.

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