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Brewing Better Cup at Home

We’re glad you’re here. Coffee is a big part of our daily lives. We never stop trying new things and getting better at home brewing. Want to start brewing better cup at home? Keep reading.

We love coffee and we prefer to make it at home. Over the past 30 years, we’ve learned a lot about brewing it. Mostly, I skip drinking my coffee out and wait until I get home to have it.

If you like coffee as much as we do and want someone to help you figure out what’s what, we’ve got you covered.

Brewing Java gives you the knowledge you need to start making coffee at home. It also gives you guidance, perspective, practical advice, and a healthy dose of our opinion to help you decide and figure out what you like.

There is no right way to do anything other than to stay interested and excited.

We all like good coffee, but we don’t all have to like it the same way.

We aim to give you the essential information to find your perfect cup of coffee.

Do you like to make coffee as much as you want to drink it?

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about choosing, grinding, and brewing coffee with different tools as you look for the perfect cup.

You can try so many different coffee beans, ways to make coffee, and tools that each one will change the way you see and taste coffee.

What’s in A Great Cup of Coffee

A great cup of coffee makes you feel good in every way. It has complex flavors, is served fresh and at the perfect temperature, smells great, and is just right.

You know, good coffee is great as soon as you taste it.

You see this bean here?

It was once just a pit from a small berry.

Left undisturbed, it would have remained so to this day.

But, being plucked from its shell, scorched, crushed into powder, and boiled in water, transforms it into something far more delicious and meaningful than a mere pit.

An excerpt from the movie Shanghai Calling.

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