Make Great Coffee at Home 

Welcome to Brewing Java. Coffee is an integral part of our life. We never stop exploring and improving our home brewing skills. Want to make great coffee at home? Keep reading.

We are coffee lovers and home coffee brewers who have explored coffee for the last 30+ years.

If you are a coffee enthusiast like us seeking a little hand-holding while you’re figuring out what’s what, we got you covered.

Brewing Java offers the coffee knowledge you will need to start your journey as a homebrewer and offers guidance, perspective, practical advice, and a healthy dose of our opinion to make those decisions and develop your personal preferences.

There is no right way for any of it; except to remain curious and enthusiastic.


We all enjoy excellent coffee, but we don’t have to appreciate it similarly.

Our goal is to provide you with the baseline knowledge you will need to discover your perfect, delicious cup.

Do you get as much pleasure brewing coffee as you enjoy drinking it?

If so, you came to the right place. Here you will find all you need to know to choose, grind, and brew coffee with various gear – as part of your quest for your ideal cup.

There are so many coffee beans, brewing methods, and gear you can try; every experience will change your view and taste.

What’s in A Great Cup of Coffee?

A great cup of coffee is in tune entirely with your senses.

It has excellent complex flavors; you serve it fresh and at just the right temperature; smells excellent; it is just right.

You know, great coffee right away when you have it.



You see this bean here?

It was once just a pit from a small berry.

Left undisturbed, it would have remained so to this day.

But, being plucked from its shell, scorched, crushed into powder, and boiled in water, transforms it into something far more delicious and meaningful than a mere pit.

An excerpt from the movie Shanghai Calling.