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5 Reasons You Should Have an AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

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This AeroPress coffee maker review is about the AeroPress Original as a game-changer for home-brewing coffee makers and espresso. To extract the most flavor, you will use a paper micro-filter to remove any grit that made it through the brewing process and immersion brewing.

If you’re looking for a coffee maker that can please a wide variety of coffee enthusiasts, look no further than our AeroPress coffee maker review.

When used properly, the AeroPress coffee maker can produce nearly the same quality as a traditional pour-over method.

It can make coffee quickly like a Nespresso machine and easily like a French press, with very little work on your part.

It also has a sturdy, lightweight case for portability.

The Aeropress seems like more than just a novelty at first.

Aeropress, however, is more than capable of making high-quality brews.

In recent years, this convenient coffee brewer has emerged as one of the best methods for savoring a cup of gourmet coffee.

For coffee lovers, this tool would make great coffee and provide hours of entertainment.

AeroPress is the obvious choice when you need a cup of coffee quickly.

AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

An AeroPress is an essential coffee brewer for any coffee connoisseur’s kitchen. This brewing tool is cheap, adaptable, and entertaining to use.

The Aeropress was created by Alan Adler, a mechanical engineer and professor emeritus at Stanford University, in 2005.

As the inventor of the ubiquitous Aerobie Flying Ring, Adler deserves credit wherever it is due.

The Aeropress is beloved by coffee purists because of its convenience and ease of use.

The Aeropress World Championship is an annual event where coffee connoisseurs from all over the world compete. The rules are straightforward: each competitor must brew one cup of coffee using an Aeropress. The competition isn’t just about who can make the best cup of coffee; it also tests participants’ imagination and originality with their recipes.

Many of the world’s best baristas are competing for the title, raising the stakes in recent years.

5 Reasons You Should Have an AeroPress Coffee Maker - Review | aeropress | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing


Who Is the Aeropress For?

The portability of the Aeropress is, without a doubt, one of its best features. The Aeropress is small and lightweight and can be carried easily from the office or on a trip.

However, the Aeropress’s small size means it can only hold a certain amount of coffee. It’s not a big deal if you’re only brewing coffee for one or two people.

If you need to brew coffee for a family or a group, look for a machine with a larger capacity.

5 Reasons You Should have an Aeropress

Reason #1: Quality

The Aeropress is constructed of plastic that does not contain PBA. Each new edition contains minor changes to the previous ones made over the years. The newest version has been a cloudy, greyish, semi-transparent material that looks great and has proven to be very resistant to wear and tear.

The silicone seal on the plunger is replaceable. It also means that everything is simple to wash.

The device’s plastic and rubber construction make it incredibly resilient.

The silicone seal takes a beating and can get grimy and oily after prolonged use, but if you think you need to replace it, you can do so at a low cost from Aerobie.

Its components have never been reported as broken, at least not by anyone I know. But you can also get a replacement cap, for instance, if you misplace the original.

Compared to earlier models, which were more easily scratched, the new and slightly improved design and material have solved this problem.

Reason #2: Dedicated to Perfection

The Aeropress’s endurance had already been proven. Let us now concentrate on the layout and its components. The tiny coffee maker can brew either conventionally or invertedly.

Cleaning a paper filter and inserting it into the plastic disk is the first step.

The machine is set up, and ground coffee is added before a precise amount of water is poured.

The following step is to dive in headfirst.

Your coffee is ready for consumption! There’s more to it than that, but the point is that good coffee begins with beans.

In several critical ways, the design is both cutting-edge and novel, as well as highly functional. The brewer essentially cleans itself during the brewing process.

Reason #3: It’s Easy to Use in Every Way

While the brewer is simple to operate, some familiarity is required before you can get the most out of it. You can get started with the typical ‘beginner’ recipes you’d find online, but you can also make a million little adjustments as you go.

When you think about it that way, the brewer is a fantastic way to have some amusement. Learning the basics is simple, but as your skill as an aero home barista increases, the possibilities are practically endless.

There are, however, a few techniques and best practices that you should incorporate into your brewing, as doing so will significantly reduce the time it takes to produce excellent coffee. Good coffee can be made quickly and easily with Aeropress, but heavenly coffee is different. Unless, of course, you read our secret tips for optimizing the Aeropress’s performance.

Reason #4: The Flavor?

We talked about taste. Brewing can be done in infinite ways, each of which contributes to the final flavor in its special way. The Aeropress resembles a pour-over coffee maker rather than an espresso machine or French press.

To put it succinctly, you need a paper filter. If a paper filter were used, less of the coffee’s oil would be lost in the brewing process. Some will be pleased to hear that this improvement helps bring out the coffee’s subtleties. However, true coffee connoisseurs opt for a stronger, “oily” cup. If that describes you, you probably already know this.

You can replace the paper filters with a metal filter disk instead. It greatly impacts the coffee maker’s efficiency and costs very little. Metal disk filters may look different, but they all accomplish the same thing.

Reason #5: The Aesir Filter

The Aesir filter, a specialized paper filter, is another accessory essential for making coffee with AeroPress, and it takes the coffee experience to a whole new level.

Since its inception, the Aeropress has been promoted as a viable substitute for espresso. Although most modern coffee drinkers agree that “black coffee” is where its true strength lies, alternatives exist that are just as delicious.

However, the Aeropress is a highly adaptable brewer, capable of producing virtually any beverage. The Aeropress can even be used to make cold brew and cold drip.

AeroPress Coffee Maker Review | aeropress comparison table | Brewing Java | Take control of your home brewing
Courtesy of AeroPress

AeroPress Coffee Maker Review/Final Thoughts

Should you get the Aeropress? A definite yes!

This well-thought-out and attractive coffee maker can make a good cup of coffee quickly and easily.

The main drawback is that there are so many alternatives that it can take time to settle on the best approach and recipe.

But if you want a great cup of coffee quickly, I recommend giving Aeropress a shot.


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